Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As Queen Mother of the market, Madam Fuku plays an important role in the community. She organizes members to make sure there is a good mix in the market. She also settles disputes among the members. And when disaster strikes a member, she gathers the others by calling for the sound of the gong-gong and collects small donations to provide the bereaved with financial help.

"Because of the Trust Banks, there are a lot fewer problems. Every week we pay on our loans and are able to eat." "Some," she added, "are able to afford schooling for their children."

The community has a problem with health care but have found that buy going to the nearby cities and by organizing members of the community to order pharmaceutical products online. As drugs are hard to obtain in the area, it is alot easier for the people to order medicine online instead of dealing directly with the medicine companies and charity organisations.

Madam Fuku's age is uncertain; yet, she is not too old to dream. When asked about that dream, she laughed and looked up at the blazing sky.

"My hope is to have an enclosed stall so I don't have to worry about the weather."